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But It’s Wrong! Can’t I Hate It?

August 29, 2017

It was just a few weeks ago the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, sparked a firestorm of vitriol and reaction throughout our country.  What happened, what didn’t happen, who reacted and how - all of these things became the fuel for more protests and more protests against the protests and reaction of a very negative kind everywhere you looked.  Let us be abundantly clear on one point – those who would paint themselves as any form of supremacist, white or otherwise, are servants of a deep and destructive darkness.  Period.  Those who take the law into their own hands and use violence and threats as their primary tools to eradicate all whom they consider supremacists are also choosing to borough down that dark hole as well.  NONE of this is good!  All of this provokes hatred, and rightfully so.  Shouldn’t we as Christians hate such evil?  Yes we should.  The bigger question here, however, is HOW do we engage our hatred for evil in a Christlike manner?

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