Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Do You Communicate or Just Talk? Ep. 1058

January 29, 2019

Without communication, human life would cease to exist.  We need to express ourselves and absorb the expressions of others.  People need to be heard.  The need to share thoughts, feelings and lives with one each gave birth to the phenomena of Social Media.  We need to pause and consider.  Somewhere along the line, our ability to actually communicate has gone down a diminishing pathway.  At the same time our desire to “be seen” and “weigh in” has blossomed.  This trend affects all generations, but it seems to be especially powerful among those who have never known anything but the internet.  In our desire to seek consensus and belonging, we seem to have forgotten our need to effectively communicate one-on-one.  How do we stop the trend and rekindle the deep and life-sustaining value of sincere mutual understanding?

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