Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1032: Is the Bible Behind the Times on #metoo?

July 31, 2018

(For more on the story of our guest, Amy, see Episode 829: "What Happens When Life Gets Broken?") The world has changed on every level and in every way.  As those things which were hidden and covered up in our society are being revealed we begin to see aspects of our social order in a different light.  The very new social media cry of #metoo is a classic example of this.  Never before has it been made so public the severe advantage that so many men have taken of so many women and the deep suffering that many of these women continue to carry.  The social conversation that #metoo has prompted is vital and can be healing as well.  Now some questions.  Where does Christianity fall in the spectrum of these events?  Many say the Bible promotes the disrespect and abuse of women – would that make Bible-believing Christians supporters of evil?  With the good the #metoo movement brings, are there any dangers that come with it?  What should we as Christians do?

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