Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1045: Can Zombies Possibly Be Real?

October 30, 2018

October brings Autumn and Autumn brings a major change of seasons. Leaves brilliantly change color as they die, the harvesting of crops comes to its end and the colder weather sets in. It is at this time of nature “closing up shop,” this time of things dying, that Halloween and all that comes with it is celebrated. It’s funny, the origins of Halloween were based in serious concerns about the spirit world, and now it is all about fun, candy and parties. Some of the season’s most successful phenoms are zombies. Yup, Zombies. Zombies are supposed to be the undead. They terrorize the world around them with their hideous appetite and their contagiousness. What's the deal with these guys? Is there any possibility they could be real? Where has our fascination with the whole zombie thing brought us? Does the basic idea of the “undead” even fit in with biblical teaching?

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