Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1064: Is He Who Hesitates Really Lost? The Story of Lot

March 12, 2019

Life is overflowing with opportunities, and I'm not talking about the big things that change your world.  I'm talking about the small and often-overlooked chances in your everyday to refocus on the good, or to simply be kind or to elevate a conversation rather than diminish it.  The point here is that many of our life experiences are a result of small decisions that are actually a result of indecision.  In the Old Testament, there lived a man named Lot whose life was an example of this.  Lot had faith in God and God protected him.  In spite of this, his life experiences produced much sadness, folly and cause for regret.  How did he get to such an end?  He hesitated.  He hesitated when it came to godly choices and he constantly did “almost” enough when it came to godly actions!

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