Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1076: Does the Bible Contradict Itself ? Part II

June 4, 2019

Several weeks ago (see Part 1) we began a journey down what might be considered a tricky path as we took a first step towards addressing an enormous subject – perceived Bible contradictions.  This is a huge undertaking, not only because of the Bible’s very nature, being ancient and authored by several over many centuries, but because of the emotional reactions from the opposing sides as well.  Many people and groups have “exposed” what they have concluded are blatant contradictions within its pages and are not shy about advertising their findings – just look online!  Then there are those of us who do believe that the Bible IS the inspired word of God and are convinced that the scriptures are sound and harmonious.  Part 2 of the task we are taking on is simple – address these reported contradictions one at a time in an effort to clear up what we believe are errant conclusions.  

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