Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1081: Does God Really Love Humanity?(Part II)

July 9, 2019

Jesus was and is evidence of God’s love for humanity. The proof is not just in the fact that he came to ransom us from sin and death.  It is also displayed in how he taught us God’s plan.  Still, it is admittedly hard to grasp what God’s plan is about especially when he spoke in parables. Two weeks ago we looked at the first two of a string of five parables Jesus spoke to a very diverse audience of God’s people.  All of those stories were - as a whole - designed to show God’s love for His creation. They were also to demonstrate to God’s chosen their responses to that love. This proved to be a two-edged sword as those responses (evidenced by our two parables today - the Prodigal Son and the Unjust Steward) were sometimes really bad.  So, does Jesus pointing out glaring weaknesses in God’s people actually display God’s love?  Let’s find out!

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