Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1104: How Do I Know My Decisions Are Right?

December 17, 2019

To live is to decide.  No matter who you are and what environment you live in, you will most likely be pressed with making an untold number of decisions. These will directly influence how your life will unfold.  This can be a scary thought because no one wants to make bad decisions!  Yet, most of us don’t seriously put in the time and effort to be sure our decisions are good.  How can this be?  Much has to do with the way our minds work, social pressure and our desire for comfort. As Christians, we need to be keenly aware of these challenges, because our decisions are supposed to always be in line with God’s will and Jesus’ footsteps.  How must we think and what must we do in order to keep our decisions in line with all that would bring glory to God? 

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