Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1112: Does the Apostle Paul Contradict Himself? (Part II) Contradiction Series

February 11, 2020

(See Part I of this topic.) In many ways, the Apostle Paul was like a magnet.  Over the last 2,000 years, his preaching, teaching and writing have attracted countless millions to seek out what being a Christian really means.  He was a leader in every sense of the word.  He lived his faith to Jesus Christ without reservation, and Christians throughout the age have been inspired by his example.  This same Apostle Paul was also a magnet for trouble.  His ministry way back then drew incredible conflict and persecution - it even led to his death.  Today the same controversy surrounds his legacy.  While so many of us cling to his example and teaching, others are repelled by him and label him as a self-contradicting, hypocritical deceiver.  Who is right?  Was Paul a teacher of truth or contradiction?

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