Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1164: What Does Moses the Deliverer Teach Us About Jesus?

February 9, 2021

Two of the most dramatic lives recorded in the Bible belong to Moses and Jesus. The heroics of Moses' life extended over a lifetime of 120 years, whereas Jesus’ heroics were all accomplished within a 33-year lifetime. Despite the dramatic time differences, there are startling similarities between these two deliverers. Moses’ life was recorded and detailed in four Old Testament books of the Bible. Jesus' life was recorded and detailed in four New Testament books. Both of them were plainly or prophetically referenced throughout the entire Bible. They each executed the two greatest deliverances in the history of mankind – Moses walked his people out of Egypt, and Jesus ransomed the entire human race from sin. This all just scratches the surface! As we look into specific events of Moses' life as deliverer of a nation, we will see inspiring revelations into the life of Jesus as deliverer of the world. Comparing Moses to Jesus makes for a revealing Bible study, as there is a huge list of striking similarities between the two

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