Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1203: Why Aren‘t My Prayers Being Answered?

November 9, 2021
Theme Scripture: James 5:16LibronixLink_dark.png

We always say that prayer changes things - and it does. Jesus was emphatic about prayer and even gave us an example of how to pray in what is known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” With prayer, as with so many parts of Christian doctrine, the core value of what the Bible teaches easily gets lost in the interpretive value of our own human perspective. Because of the imperfect human part of the equation we create many questions. What about those circumstances where someone prays for what they need, and they simply don’t get it? Is the problem that God is not listening or that He doesn’t want them to have what they need? Is the problem that this person not praying appropriately? How does prayer really work?

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