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Ep. 1219: Is God’s Wrath Stronger Than His Love? (Part II)

March 8, 2022
Theme Scripture: James 1:17LibronixLink_dark.png

Part I of this important topic focused in on some harsh Old Testament accounts that featured God pronouncing death and destruction to those who perpetrated great evil. Bible skeptics parade these accounts as proof that God is merciless, evil and even sadistic. While the Old Testament does put these kinds of judgments into perspective, the ability to draw a full conclusion regarding God’s purposes is not complete. We need the rest of the story. We need to understand how the New Testament is built on top of - but does not replace - the Old Testament. Today, we continue looking into the whole Bible to accurately measure God’s love against His wrath. What we will find is the rest of the story as we apply the role Jesus played as a man to all those who suffered and died before his earthly mission.

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