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Ep. 1228: Where Do the Human Soul and Spirit Go When We Die? (Part II)

May 10, 2022
Theme Scripture: Hebrews 4:12LibronixLink_dark.png

In our last episode we deeply explored the human soul. We saw that both the Old and New Testaments clearly teach that humans ARE souls and don’t HAVE souls. We further confirmed that the Bible is explicit about the destiny of the human soul being death, as that was the irrevocable penalty for sin given to Adam at the beginning. As surprising as all this might sound, it is all verified in Scripture. We will now consider the human spirit. What is it? Is it a tangible being or is it an intangible essence? Is it a life force all of its own? Is it the same as the soul? Is the human spirit immortal, or can it die? These are complex questions. As with the soul, the answers can be found in the Bible, but only if we are careful to consider both the Old and New Testament records together.


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