Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1246: Does God REALLY Require Human Sacrifices? Contradictions Series

September 13, 2022
Theme Scripture: Genesis 22:1-2LibronixLink_dark.png

The actions of God in the Bible are an easy target for criticism. It is so easy to look into this ancient book and pick out events that may not look sensible and even make God look bad and wildly inconsistent. Examining these events carefully does reveal truth and harmony - if we are willing to look for it. One such event is the account where God specifically tells Abraham to take his son Isaac and kill him as a sacrifice to Him. This sounds absurd! How can a God of love, compassion and justice just arbitrarily ask someone to murder their son? What possible good could ever come from such an action? And what about other accounts in the Bible that seem to show God as minimizing the value of human life? These are hard questions. The good news is, the Bible has clear and legitimate answers!

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