Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1249: What Will We Be Doing When We Get to Heaven? (Part II)

October 4, 2022
Theme Scripture: John 14:3LibronixLink_dark.png

Going to heaven is a really big deal. Last week was Part I of our three-part series on what heaven-bound Christians will be doing when they get there. So far we uncovered the mechanics of why only chosen ones are privileged to go to heaven. We began to scratch the surface regarding what these disciples of Jesus will be doing. Turns out the job descriptions we focused on were nothing like what most people envision as heavenly life. In this episode, we dig deeply into what the responsibilities of those heaven bound will be. In addition, we will attempt to understand the “why” of it all by connecting several prophecies and scriptures. Our discoveries will reveal absolutely inspiring details and descriptions of how God’s plan is destined to work!

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