Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep. 1251: Is It a Sin if I…? (Part III)

October 18, 2022
Theme Scripture: Colossians 3:17LibronixLink_dark.png

Sin is a difficult thing to handle. We are constantly challenged to daily live up to godly standards of righteousness. As our social order expands into countless variations of perceived freedoms, there are many questions that need clarification regarding what is right and wrong in God’s eyes. Today we examine two of those questions. First, is it a sin if I as a Christian get a tattoo? Opinions on this question vary to an amazing degree. Does the Bible guide us on this? Second, is it a sin of I get a blood transfusion? While this is perhaps a small issue for most of us, there are some who have very deep convictions on this matter. What does the Bible say and doesn’t say?

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