Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Ep.1030: Where is the Kingdom Jesus Told Us to Pray For?

July 17, 2018

What part of the Gospel did Jesus most focus on teaching?  For many of us the answer would be simple.  Jesus taught love – love one another as he and God love us.  While this is a beautiful and profound answer, it is surprisingly incorrect.  Jesus actually focused probably three times more on teaching about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven!  As a matter of fact he taught about the kingdom more than he taught about anything else.  Amazing and true!  Now, if Jesus was so laser beam focused on the kingdom, it is probably smart for us to know what he was talking about.  By the way, the several ways he described the kingdom seem to be in contradiction with one another.   So, what is the kingdom, where is the kingdom and when is the kingdom?

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