Christian Questions Bible Podcast

How Can We Be Truly Thankful? Ep. 1048

November 21, 2018

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is a day that was originally set aside on a national basis to stop the activities of our busy lives and thank God for His providence.  Fast forward a few hundred years and what do we have – a day set aside for family friends food and football.  Being “thankful” is rarely on the agenda anymore, and being thankful to God specifically borders on political incorrectness!  So, what about actually living daily with a grateful heart?  That's a concept that is far from the collective consciousness of our tech savvy society.  Now, just because gratitude is not focused on does not mean we as Christians have permission to ignore it.  On the contrary, living in appreciation is a Christian requirement, so how do we take that which is required of us and transform it into that which we seek each and every day?

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