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How Do I Defeat My Worst Enemy? Me!

September 5, 2017

In many ways we are daily in a fight for our lives.  There are so many choices that present themselves to us each and every day, many of which can distract and derail us from what is most important.  The biggest factor that determines whether we stay on track with life or go down some rabbit hole of distraction and disruption is  Yup, I am the decision maker - the gatekeeper of my own mind and body - and I alone have final say as to what kind of victory or what kind of defeat I will experience.  Now, wait a minute!  As a Christian shouldn’t I be subject to the will of God through Christ?  Absolutely!  Then why am I saying that I am in control?  It’s simple!  I decide how much influence the will of God will exercise in my life at any given moment and that makes ME my worst enemy!  Great!  Now what do we do?  What do we do?  We learn how to identify, fight and win the battle!

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