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Who is God?

October 3, 2016

Defining God is a monumental task. The measure of its difficulty is such that very few will ever follow through with it, for the world is overrun with contradictory myths, stories and legends about the nature and purposes of God. So many stories, so little truth! Defining God requires us to look into things beyond our natural sight. It requires us to grab hold of things beyond our physical reach, and it requires us to believe in things that are beyond our earthly capacity. To know who God is means we would know His character, His mind and what drives Him. Can we know these things? Can we know God’s heart and mind? Can we know God’s plans and purposes? Will knowing God help us to better know ourselves?The first important point to consider about knowing who God is begins with establishing His position within the realm of all we know about spirit life.  Typically, we envision God as the mighty Creator and source of all that is good.  Contrarily, we envision Satan as the embodiment of all that is evil.  We end up concluding that God and Satan are opposites and are engaged in a powerful battle one against the other over whether good or evil will prevail.  While this all sounds like it would be a logical conclusion, it could not be further from the truth!  God and Satan are not opposites!  Hear me out on this…

The Bible describes God as being "from everlasting to everlasting" – essentially an eternal life that always has and always will perpetuate itself.  He is His own origin.  On the other hand, the Bible describes Satan as having a beginning - and not just some arbitrary or coincidental starting point – he was a creation of God Himself for the purpose of being a powerful “Morning Star” within the spiritual family.  (Please see our broadcast from August 15, 2016, “Who is Satan?” for details on how one so mighty could have turned so evil).  Comparatively, God always was and always will be while Satan had a beginning and will have an end.  God and Satan are not fighting one another at all.  The truth is that Satan is fighting God for all that he is worth and God is simply allowing Satan to flail away until an appointed time when God will end it.  No contest here.  God wins.  He won even before Satan started to rebel.  God is bigger, wiser, more powerful and infinitely mightier than Satan and all others.

This barely scratches the surface of knowing about God.  In our October 3rd, 2016 podcast, “Who is God?” we sought to better understand Him through four basic character traits attributed to Him in Scripture.  We found our God has expansive and overwhelming power, justice that is unquestionable and sure, love that is unfathomable and wisdom that is incomprehensibly deep and eternal.  We invite you to listen in and get a glimpse of who God is – it just might change your life!

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