Christian Questions Bible Podcast

Why Didn’t God Make The Bible Easy To Understand?

September 19, 2017

Pick up a book or an article and start reading...if that book or article is well-written, it will bring you to some kind of conclusion, some kind of understanding or realization that you didn’t have before.  Now, these realizations can be across a wide scope of subjects and learning, but the bottom line is you picked up that well-written book or article and now you have some greater knowledge or insight.  Now pick up the Bible and start reading…it starts out all good and wonderful and then just six chapters later it seems like God gets mad and pretty much scraps His whole creation thing.  Why?  Read further and the confusion grows!  So, what's up with this, anyway?  The Almighty God, creator of all things, surely could have had the Bible written in such a way that it would be universally understood!  Well the fact is, He didn’t!  Why not?  There is actually a really cool answer to this!

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