Christian Questions Bible Podcast

You’re a Christian, But Are You Holy? Ep. 1059

February 5, 2019

Christianity is confusing. There are so many brands to choose from and so many ways we are shown to express it.  For some of us, Christianity is saving the world here and now.  For others, it is being charitable and kind.  Then there are those who say that following Jesus is for our own personal peace of heart and mind. Still others proclaim that being a Christian is all about being blessed "in basket and in store."  The big question with all of these approaches is simple.  Where does being “holy” fit in?  Let’s take a step further back to basics – what does it even mean to be holy?  Unfortunately, a strong biblically-ased answer to this question is sadly lacking in the lives of many who follow Christ.  While grasping holiness is not an easy task, we fortunately have God’s own word to help us understand!

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